Jon “Justice” LoGiudice

Born and raised in Southern California Jon attended private Christian Schools from 5th grade through High School. Jon worked at age 18 as a record store manager. Right around when he turned 21 he left retail to go work as a public real estate auctioneer and property inspector in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties. One day, just after being chased off the lawn of a house going into foreclosure by a very large toothed dog who obviously had not been fed for awhile, Jon heard a commercial for the Academy of Radio Broadcasting. The rest is, as they say … history.

On August 13th 2007 Jon started as host of “The Jon Justice Show” on 104.1 The Truth, Tucson’s News FM.

His passion has always been politics.

Raised in a Reformed Presbyterian Christian household. He is happy to carry these beliefs today and to be able pass them along to his wife and children, Logan Wedge and Kyle Elliott. It is his faith that drives his views and opinions of this great Nation, the state of Arizona and particularly Southern Arizona. Using common sense and a keen sense of that which is rational, Jon knows Southern Arizona can be a place that embraces staunch conservative principles and free market capitalism.

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  1. I tihnk its a great idea. Will you do what it takes, to stay true to what you believe and to stay honest even when you are elected? ARE you willing to give it all up for something you believe in ? And will you tell the truth, even when it is hard or hurts? ” when it is not national security”

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